HHD Order Justification

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The information below will guide providers through the mandatory process of completing an order justification in OneView for home hemodialysis (HHD) patients to document medical necessity for More Frequent Dialysis (MFD). The physician can discontinue or change standing orders at any time.

STEP 1: Tap the OneView Mobile app and login with your DaVita username and password

STEP 2: Tap the HHD Order Justification card on the Home page

STEP 3: Tap COMPLETE FORM to review and document the medical necessity justification

NOTE: Cards with no banner are new forms.  Cards with the “Please review and resubmit” banner are forms previously submitted with a narrative that does not meet the DaVita documentation requirements.  

STEP 4: Complete the Clinical Narrative and Attestation & Signature sections

STEP 5: Tap Sign and Submit

NOTE: The Sign and Submit button will not activate until a clinical narrative of at least 75 characters is provided, and the HHD Order Justification medical necessity attestation is completed.  

If the Clinical Narrative is insufficient or does not meet DaVita requirements, then the form is sent back to the physician to review, update, and resubmit. 

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