Dialysis Schedule

Please note that this functionality is not available to Android users at this time.  

The Dialysis Schedule feature will provide the ability to populate the dialysis schedule, navigate to the patient charts, see visual indications that show whether or not any encounter notes were created for a particular patient for the current month, and view finalized encounter notes.

The dialysis facility nearby can be found and loaded if Location Services are enabled.  Geolocation or Location Services uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hotspot locations to determine your approximate location.  The dialysis facility nearest to your geolocation will auto populate. 

The dialysis facility can be manually selected in order to populate the schedule if the location services are not enabled.  The Filters are available to choose specific criteria for the dialysis schedule.  Multiple filters can be selected.  The Filters icon is also available to choose specific criteria. 

The information can be filtered by the selections below.

Filter Description
Facility The facility where the patients are receiving treatment.  The options are the facilities where the provider is credentialed.
Day The patient’s day of dialysis.  The default is today’s day.  The options are: Mon through Sun.
Shift The patient’s assigned shift.
COVID-19 COVID-19 status of the patient.  The options are: Pos, Asym, Sym, and All.

Only ICHD (in-center hemodialysis) patients will appear on the schedule.  The results are sorted by the patient’s last name.  The patient’s name, age, date of birth, gender, shift, and modality will be listed.  The patient’s COVID-19 vaccination status displays in the banner if the vaccination records have been entered into Snappy.

There are visual indications that show whether or not encounter notes were created for a particular patient for the current month.  A filled green box indicates the encounter note was finalized while a dotted yellow outline represents an in-progress encounter note.  A white box indicates no notes were created for that type of encounter for the current month. 

Tapping a finalized encounter note (filled green box) will display a read-only version of the encounter note.  To return to the dialysis schedule, tap “Dismiss” at the bottom of the screen.

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