ESRD/AKI Mgmt Labs

An indicator of H (High) or L (Low) will display to the right of any lab that is out of range.  High/Low lab values will also be displayed in orange so they stand out to the user.  An orange dot to the right of a lab value indicates that there are multiple results for this test from the same draw date.  When you hover your cursor over a lab value, a tooltip will display the result value, test code, reference range, collection date and time, and unit of measure and.  For CWOW patients only, when you hover over a lab result, the collection time will be determined by the time zone set through your internet browser.

A comment bubble appears on the left side of a lab result whenever there is a comment or note associated with a result.  Clicking the comment bubble opens a window that displays the associated comments and/or notes for the lab result.  Comments come from the laboratory (DaVita Labs).  Manually entered labs will contain the result source.

The “Show More” option with a count of additional parameters in parenthesis will be available to display the remaining values for the care category.  A high/low indicator    will be next to the “ Show More” if there are lab results within the past 30 days that have a high or low value hidden from the primary view.  To expand the view for the remaining lab data, click the “ Show More” option.  To collapse the view, click “ Show Less”

When you hover your cursor over the data point, a tooltip appears that contains the data and treatment date.  The current Prescribed Duration and Target Wt appear within the dark blue bar.   The light blue bar reflects any prior Prescribed Duration or Target Wt data.   

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