In Progress Notes

The In Progress Notes tab provides a list of encounter notes that were started within the last 90 days but have not been finalized.  The list can be filter by “All Patients”, “My Patients” or “Covering Patients” and by month.

NOTE: Physicians can edit and finalize in progress encounter notes started by an advance practice provider (APP).  A physician is not allowed to edit or finalize another physician’s note, and an APP can not edit or finalize a physician or another APP’s note.

The patient information displayed is detailed below.

Column Description
Patient Name The name of the patient.  The information will be displayed as last name, first name, age, DOB, and gender if documented in their chart.
In Progress Note The date and type of unfinalized (in progress) note

NOTE: Non Visit notes do not appear on the Dialysis Schedule or the Monthly Visit Summary report. However, unfinalized Non Visit notes are shown in the In Progress Notes.

Content on this site is for informational purposes only and does not represent actual patient data.

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