OneView Migration

Congratulations on moving forward with using OneView for rounding in DaVita facilities!  Below is a helpful checklist of steps that should be taken prior to using OneView for rounding purposes.

Migration FAQs

Please refer to the following document for any questions related to the Falcon Silver shutdown plan.

Falcon Silver Shutdown FAQs

Field Leader Resources

Please refer to the following document for information relevant to Field Leaders.

OneView Need-to-Know for Field Leaders

OneView Introduction

Watch this short video on accessing and using OneView to familiarize yourself with the application.

Actions Requiring Follow-Up

The following items need to be addressed prior to using OneView for rounding to ensure you have access to the system and a complete patient record. Failing to address these items will cause a delay in being able to document on your patients in OneView.

1.      Confirm Collaborating Physician Relationships (Completed by Non-Physician Practitioner)

Collaborating physician relationships will need to be established prior to rounding in OneView.  If this is not completed, you will not have access to the appropriate patients.


  • Log into OneView to validate you can view patients of your collaborating physicians by searching for a patient per provider per clinic where you round on patients.
  • Complete the supervising physician documents (found here) reflecting necessary changes and submit to DaVita’s eCred team.
  • If you need assistance, someone in your practice will need to call the Help Desk at 888-782-1347.

2.      Update Medications / Allergies (Completed by the Provider/Care Team)

A reconciliation of clinical data, including medications and allergies, must occur prior to beginning to round in OneView to ensure each patient’s chart is up-to-date. If this is not completed, your patient’s chart may include outdated or incomplete information.


  • Review the patient’s medications and allergies in Snappy and Falcon Silver with the care team, and make modifications (in Snappy) where necessary to ensure accurate data is showing in OneView.  Snappy and Falcon Silver may have different data, so it is important to reconcile the two and make necessary changes in Snappy.

3.      Finalize all Falcon Silver Encounters (Completed by Provider)

Finalizing encounters in Falcon Silver will provide the ability to view a PDF of those encounters in OneView by going to Clinical Summary > Notes in the patient’s chart.

If this is not completed, you will not have access to historical information for unfinalized encounters documented in Falcon Silver.


  • In Falcon Silver, finalize any unfinished encounters by going to the Message Center and locating the “Encounter Document Has Not Been Finalized” folder to view a list of patients that it is needed for.

4.      Confirm Covering Rights (Completed by Provider)

If another provider will round on your patients, Covering Rights will need to be granted to ensure they have access to the patient charts they will need. Covering Rights may only be granted for facilities where you are credentialed.

The OneView team made your transition easier by configuring Covering Rights in OneView to reflect your Falcon Silver access.  All physicians who are members of your practice will have the ability to see your patients when rounding in a DaVita facility, so long as they are credentialed at that facility. If covering rights were previously set in OneView, these settings were respected.


  • In OneView, go to Settings > Covering Rights. Confirm providers that should have access to your patients. 
  • To make updates, click the Covering Rights toggle to the right of the applicable provider for which you want covering rights enabled.  The toggle will turn blue, indicating it is “on” for that provider.

Additional Information You Need to Know

The following items are important for you to know but do not require intervention on your part.

Accessing OneView

If you are accessing OneView from a desktop, laptop, tablet or iPad, you will use a browser and go to The preferred browser for an optimal viewing experience is Chrome or Safari.

If you are accessing OneView on an iPhone, you will download the app from the App Store.

Sharing Encounters (CCDA)

  • The ability to share encounters electronically from OneView to another EHR in a Clinical Summary format is not currently supported.
  • In order to share an encounter, you must finalize the OneView encounter note, save it as a PDF and then securely transmit the PDF to the intended recipient.
  • Accessing encounter notes can be done by opening the patient’s chart, navigating to Clinical Summary and scrolling down to the Notes section.

Historical Falcon Silver Encounters

  • Encounters that were created in Falcon Silver will be available in OneView as a non-editable PDF, if the encounter was finalized in Falcon Silver.
  • A list of historical encounters can be found in OneView in the patient’s chart under Clinical Summary > Notes.  The list will default to displaying all encounters for the last 60 days but the settings can be changed to view up to the last 2 years.

Billing Report

The Monthly Visit Summary in OneView is equivalent to the MCP Summary in Falcon Silver. It can be accessed in OneView under Reports from the left navigation menu.  The report will display encounter information for all patients assigned to the provider (in Reggie) for the selected month. This includes patients the provider covered for as well.


  • Since only providers have access to OneView at this time, a provider will need to run this report and send it to the billing professional. Non-physician practitioners will not have access to this report upon initial release.
  • The report can only be downloaded as a CSV and does not offer the option to view the results within the application or send it electronically to your practice management system.
  • Since the report is run for the user that is logged in, each provider will need to run this report for themselves. A practice/clinic-wide report is not available at this time.
  • Patients that the provider is covering for will also display on the report, with the designation of “Covering Nephrologist” displayed in the Role column.
  • The report only provides information on comprehensive and limited encounters at this time.
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