Mobile Complete COVID-19 Attestation Form

This job aid will guide providers through the process of completing the COVID-19 vaccination attestation form on OneView Mobile (iOS or Android).

NOTE: Providers can document their COVID-19 additional dose/booster vaccination statuses by following the same workflow and completing a form similar to the COVID-19 attestation.  The COVID-19 Additional Dose & Booster Form is only available to providers who attested that they had received a COVID-19 vaccination.  

STEP 1: Tap the OneView Mobile app

STEP 2: Log in with your DaVita username and password

STEP 3: Locate the applicable COVID-19 vaccination attestation in the COMMs Hub Feed on the Home page or tap the Menu icon to select Comms Hub

STEP 4: Tap the COVID-19 vaccination attestation message to open

STEP 5: Select the radio button for the option that applies to you

NOTE: Additional information, based on the option selected, will be required.

STEP 6: Tap to acknowledge the information

STEP 7: Tap Submit

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