History & Physical (H&P)

A History & Physical (H&P) is a specific encounter note that includes certain baseline information, such as the patient's medical history and current physical exam, and is required by insurance providers to be updated on a yearly basis.

OneView does not have a separate H&P encounter note type. Instead, you will designate the encounter as an "H&P" by including the required information in the note and selecting the "Completed H&P" indicator. 

Selecting “Completed H&P” allows the provider to document if the patient’s annual history and physical (H&P) was completed during the encounter.  The last completed H&P date will appear next to the “Completed H&P” statement when available.  To mark a statement as true, click the “Yes” pill button located to the right of the statement.  The pill will turn blue when selected. 

NOTE: The option to designate the note as an H&P won't be available until you have reviewed the History section of the patient's chart. A reminder will display if you attempt to select the indicator without reviewing the patient's data first.

The encounter note types that include the indicator are:

  • Comprehensive
  • Limited
  • PD
  • HHD

Components of an H&P

Beyond the "Completed H&P" designation, the patient's medical history and current physical exam also need to be documented for an H&P. The medical history and physical exam can both be documented in an encounter note.

The patient's medical history can also be documented in the Clinical Summary section of the chart. To modify the patient's history, hover over the applicable section and click the "edit" icon that appears to the right.

Locating H&P Encounter Notes

Encounters with the applicable information documented and marked as having a completed H&P will show an "HP" indicator next to the encounter note type in the Clinical Summary section of the patient's chart.

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