Practice User - Visit Status Report

The Visit Status Report includes a monthly list of your practice's primary nephrologist(s) note statuses for their patients and any covering patients.  This report has less data than the Monthly Summary Visit report and gives a quick status of the visits that are completed and in progress.  The report is located below the Monthly Visit Summary Report.

To generate the report:

STEP 1: Select the Physicians criteria for the report.  One or more physicians can be selected for the report

NOTE: Only physicians who have confirmed their practice association in Settings >Practice are listed in the dropdown.  Physicians that have not completed this process, will not appear as a selection under the “Physicians” dropdown.  Please refer to the “Physician Practice Association” article for full details.

STEP 2: Select Date

STEP 3: Click CREATE REPORT button

A message notifying you the report is being processed displays after you click the “ CREATE REPORT” button.

Once the report is created, the option to “ DOWNLOAD REPORT” (with the “last created” date and time) displays in the report area.  This workflow applies to all reports under the Reports menu.

NOTE: The reports will be generated in an Excel format. 

The information displayed in the report is detailed below.

Column Description
Patient Name The name of the patient.
Total visits for Patient Total number of finalized visits for the patient for the month.  In progress encounters will not be included in this total.
Finalized The type and date of the finalized visits for the patient
InProgress The type and date of the in-progress visits for the patient
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