View Patient Data in Rcopia

The provider may view the patient’s data in Rcopia.  The Patient Info menu contains the patient demographics, medications, allergies, and diagnoses/problems listed for the Snappy or CWOW patient, if available.

To view patient data for a single patient in Rcopia:

Step 1:From the Prescription Report, click the Menu icon

Step 2: Select Patient Info

ALTERNATE OPTION: Click the Patient Info icon located on the right-hand side of the screen.  The medication, allergy, or diagnosis icons can also be used to obtain the patient’s data.  Clicking on the patient’s name is another option.

Step 3:Scroll to view the patient data

To view Patient Clinical Report in Rcopia:

Step 1: Click the Patient Clinical Report icon from the Prescription Report

Step 2: Scroll to view the patient’s data

Step 3: Click the Close button to return to Prescription Report

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