AKI Attestation Form

In the AKI Encounter note type, an AKI attestation form appears if a patient has been treated as AKI for thirty days or more.  The provider can attest that the patient is an AKI patient or if they should be discharged or transitioned to ESKD (End Stage Kidney Disease).

The first attestation appears on day 30 stating that the patient has been treated with AKI.  The attestation displays at the bottom of the AKI Encounter note.  The attestation is not required but will continue to display in each note created until the attestation is completed and the note is finalized, or the patient’s status is no longer AKI.

To complete the attestation, select the appropriate radio button.  The radio button can be deselected or changed if needed.  Changes can only be made befpre the note is finalized.  Once the note is finalized, you cannot amend it.

The second attestation appears if the patient remains AKI on day 60.  The functionality is the same as the day 30 attestation. 

Patients encounters with an AKI diagnosis after 90 days will receive an orange outlined attestation form.  The functionality is the same as the day 30 and 60, except there is an “AKI Attestation Comments” text box under the first attestation radio button.

NOTE: The provider must inform the care team and complete steps outside of OneView to transition the patient to ESKD.

The attestation response appears in the encounter PDF.

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