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CWOW Reports

The legacy Snappy reports are being replaced with CWOW reports as the facilities transition to our new IT system, Center Without Walls (CWOW).  As a result, DaVita teammates will no longer need to print daily pre-treatment sheets to start patient treatments.  Patient treatment data is integrated into CWOW and OneView, allowing easy rounding with the most up-to-date data.  Providers should continue to use OneView for viewing data, documenting encounters, and order review. 

Paper documentation is strongly discouraged and will not be supported by printed reports from CWOW.  The Patient Summary report is available for review in the patient’s chart in OneView.  If you need additional patient data, your DaVita care team can provide by request the IDT Rounding Worksheet or one of the below-listed reports.

List of CWOW reports and their key functions:

 CWOW Report Key Function
Patient Summary This report is available in OneView and CWOW.  Provides a single patient view of all current statuses and recent history including: orders, clinical details, serology, dialysis access, recent lab results, recent treatment info, events, vaccinations, etc.
IDT Rounding Worksheet A single patient view to support IDT rounding that includes current treatment orders, recent lab results including microbiology, and recent hospitalizations
IDT Rounding Report A population view that includes relevant patient information and lab results to help identify outliers
Anemia Snapshot A single-patient view of all information needed to manage a patient’s anemia

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