Home Education Point of Care Support Articles

Point of care support indicators will appear on the patient chart for Home patients that have specific clinical criteria.  A purple lightbulb icon will appear next to the care category name when a support trigger is identified for the patient.  The triggers are based on specific terms documented in the encounter notes, hospitalizations, and CVC access use for PD and HHD patients.

The PD and HHD patient charts will be scanned for up to 90 days to identify these specific terms and events. 

Click on the purple light bulb icon, and a pop-up appears with the related article link.  The article will have a bookmark icon allowing you to save the articles for quick reference in the future.  The bookmarked icon turns blue if clicked.  To remove the bookmark, click the bookmark icon again.  The bookmarked articles are available in the Home Education hub.

To view the article PDF, click the article name. 

After viewing the article, click on the patient’s name to return to the patient’s chart. 

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