Prescribe Gabapentin

Medications classified as controlled substances on the federal or state level will not display through the “Search Medications” field when ePrescribing.  Due to the state law variations, certain medications (such as Gabapentin) may not display in OneView.  Gabapentin is currently controlled in AL, KY, MI, ND, TN, VA, and WV.

Gabapentin is not classified as a controlled substance in CA, NV, MN, IA, FL, DE, and NY.  Therefore, providers in these states can prescribe Gabapentin using the “Search Medications Controlled in Some States” dropdown field in the “Search Medication” pop-up when ePrescribing.  The dropdown field will display for patients actively dialyzing in these states and only show Gabapentin.  After the appropriate Gabapentin medication is chosen from the dropdown list, follow the existing ePrescribing process.  

Hover over the information icon for more details about the field.

To ePrescribe Gabapentin:

Step 1: Click the Clinical Summary tab

ALTERNATE OPTION: Click the ESRD/AKI Mgmt tab > Medications button

Step 2: Click +ADD RX

Step 3: Click the Search Medications Controlled in Some States field

Step 4: Select the appropriate medication from the dropdown list

Step 5: Complete the medication details

Step 6: Click the “Save” button

Providers in these states can use the renew feature to copy an existing Gabapentin prescription instead of adding it again.  In the Clinical Summary tab, click the “Renew” icon to the right of the Gabapentin prescription.  

The medication details will display and can be modified if needed.  The existing ePrescribing process will apply to the renewed medication.  After renewing the prescription, it appears on the medication list where the prescription has to be reviewed, signed, and an action selected for the prescription to be complete.  

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