Patient Admission Referrals Dashboard

The Patient Admission Referrals dashboard allows referring physicians to view patient admission referrals electronically. 

Referring credentialed physicians can view the patient admission referrals through the Tasks > Patient Admissions menu.  Patient admission referrals are only available when the referring physician is assigned to a Clinic Review Request in the Patient Placement System (PPS).  

The Patient Admission information displayed is detailed below.

Column Description
Patient Name The name of the patient.  The information displays the patient’s first and last name, age, and gender.
Modality The patient’s modality type - HD, PD, or HHD.  An orange alert appears for PD patient(s) flagged as an urgent start.
Referral Date The date of the referral.
Facility The facility that was requested.
Status The status of the request.  The request status may contain Records Received, Facility, Financial Clearance, Admission Pending, and Admission Denied.  In addition, the completed request will display the patient’s Start Date, Shift, and Time. Statuses have colored dots.  Grey means no current status, orange is denied, and green is complete.

Hover over the facility name, and the facility phone number is shown.

Click on the arrow next to the patient’s name to view additional information. The expanded records may include the associated medical records, requested schedule and start date, answers to a medical questionnaire, and referral information (source, phone number, and facility).

After the patient is accepted to the facility, a push notification is sent to the provider’s mobile phone.

Content on this site is for informational purposes only and does not represent actual patient data.

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