COMMs Hub Feed

This section provides consolidated content for physician communications for providers, non-physician providers (NPPs), and medical directors.  Access and the individual communications received are based on the user’s role, Palmer/Division, or specific NPI.

The COMMs Hub feed contains communication cards applicable to the user.  The feed has the ten most recent communications cards by date in descending order and shows up to three cards at a time.  The green arrows are used to move forward or backward within the feed. 

To read a communication card, tap to expand it and read the full message.  You will have the option to reply, bookmark, or to mark whether or not the message was helpful, as well as view attachments, if applicable.

To view all the communications cards, select the GO TO COMMS HUB link located on the top right of the feed or select COMMs Hub from the menu.  Please refer to the COMMs Hub section in the guide for full details.

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