Covering Rights

The Covering Rights setting allows physicians to assign rights and privileges to other physicians credentialed in the relevant clinic to ensure patients are cared for in their absence.

Covering Rights allows the covering physician to create orders, view patient data, and create encounters for the patients they are covering.

There are two views within the Covering Rights option – Assign Rights and Rights Assigned to Me. When the desired option is tapped, a green line will display under the menu title indicating that menu is active.

Assigning Rights

Under Assign Rights, the assigning physician will see a list of candidate physicians who are credentialed in the same facilities as the assigning physician.  When editing facilities, if a facility is greyed out, covering rights cannot be assigned to the candidate physician for that facility.  If the facilities where the assigning physician and/or the covering physician changes, the assigning physician will need to review and update their covering rights assignments.

To assign covering rights:

Step 1: Tap the toggle associated with the applicable physician

Step 2: Select the checkbox for the applicable facilities

NOTE: If all of the facilities are applicable, click Select All.

Step 3: Click Save & Close

To modify the list of facilities after permissions have been given, click Edit Facilities to make changes.

To view the historic changes that have been made to covering rights for an individual physician, click View History and a pop up will display the date the current activation was assigned as well as any previous dates of activation.

To view a list of collaborating allied health professionals (AHPs) also known as Non-Physician Practitioners (NPP) for an individual provider, click Collaborating AHPs and a pop up will display a list of allied health professionals that will inherit the covering rights assigned to the applicable provider.  If there are no collaborating AHPs, the link will instead display as “No Collaborating AHPs”.

To turn off covering rights for an individual provider, tap the Covering Rights toggle to remove the assignment.

Rights Assigned To Me

Under Rights Assigned To Me, the user logged in will see a list of providers for which they have been granted covering rights for their patients along with the corresponding effective date of the activation. 

To view a list of facilities where the associated provider is credentialed, click View Facilities.  

NOTE: If the facilities where the user is credentialed changes, the assigning provider will need to update covering rights assignments.

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