Mobile Patient Search

The magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the application allows a user to search for a patient by their first or last name.  Typing at least 2 letters will return any patient records with a first or last name matching that criteria.  Tap the microphone icon as a way to verbally search for a patient without requiring the need to type. 

NOTE: In order to access the phone’s microphone, permission must be granted.

The results are sorted by the patients with a last name that matches your criteria and then by patients with a first name that matches your criteria.  The letters you typed will appear in blue.  The patient’s date of birth, gender, age, and ID will display.  The first few results will display by default.  To see more, select Show All. 

Care team members enter the DaVita patient's COVID status into the Risk Event Management system (REM).  If the patient meets the COVID-19 criteria, then the COVID-19 status will show one of the 3 status tags; PUI Asymptomatic, PUI Symptomatic, or COVID-19 Positive.  The COVID-19 status tags in the patient banner are color-coded; PUI Asymptomatic is yellow, PUI Symptomatic is orange, and COVID-19 Positive is red.  

Tapping on the patient’s details will open the patient’s chart.  Tapping the white arrow located in the top left-hand corner will return to the Home feed.

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