Cureatr Setup

This section will display the steps to enable Cureatr on your mobile device.  Cureatr allows providers to communicate with their DaVita care teams about DaVita patients in a secure manner from a mobile device.  To use Cureatr in OneView Mobile, you must first setup Cureatr on your Apple device.  Once Cureatr has been installed, you can access Cureatr messages through the OneView application.  

Step 1: Go to the Apple App store

Step 2: Search for Cureatr and download the app to your mobile device

Step 3: Tap Open after it has been downloaded

Step 4: Start typing the word “DaVita” and select it once it appears

Step 5: Tap Continue and enter your DaVita username and password

Step 6: Login to OneView Mobile

Step 7: Tap Menu located in the bottom right of the screen

Step 8: Select Messages

NOTE: After selecting Messages, you will be directed to the Cureatr app

Step 9: Sign into Cureatr using your DaVita credentials

NOTE: If you are already signed into Cureatr, you will be linked directly to the application.

At this point, you will be logged into Cureatr and can send, read or reply to your messages securely. Remember, Cureatr can only be used to connect with DaVita teammates to discuss DaVita patients.

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