Mobile Non-ESRD Labs

This section provides outstanding labs that are not for the treatment of ESRD that require appropriate medical necessity documentation. 

The task card will only be present on the Home Feed if there are outstanding labs.  The count displayed on the task card is for the clinical labs that need additional documentation.  Selecting this option will take you to Labs Not For ESRD Treatment queue. 

Labs that are not for the treatment of ESRD must have appropriate medical necessity documentation.  For clinical labs, appropriate medical necessity documentation includes:

  • Clinical justification from the physician for the lab order
  • A signed lab order by the physician
  • Documentation that:
    • The result was reviewed by the physician; and
    • How the lab result was used in the treatment of the patient’s condition

The twelve lab tests that require this additional information include: ALT / SGPT, HGB A1c, TSH, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, Hep C Ab Reflex, RNA Hep C, SARS-COV2 RTPCR, SARS-COV2 IgG, and SARS-COV2 IgM.

At the top of the screen, there is an information bubble and a message that states, “Please note that any changes to the care plan must be directly communicated to the DaVita Care Team.”  The queue will list the patients with labs not for ESRD treatment.  The patient data includes last name, first name, age, gender, labs remaining, and facility name.

Tap the information bubble to obtain more details.  Tap Close to return to the queue.

Tap on a patient in the queue and the data for the patient includes last name, first name, age, gender, facility name, date last updated, lab test name, lab test result, and lab draw date.  A Past Due indicator will display if the lab result has not been reviewed within 30 days of the resulted date.

The lab results in the queue must be reviewed and indicated with either a “Reviewed, No Change [in Care Plan]” or “Reviewed, Changed Care Plan” for each test result.  In addition, a comment box is offered to give providers the ability to document how labs ordered not for the treatment of ESRD were used in the treatment of the patient’s condition. 

To document review of non-ESRD labs:

Step 1:Select the radio button associated with the applicable response for each lab result

Step 2:Enter a reason for the change in the care plan,if applicable

Step 3:Click SIGN AND SUBMIT to submit the information to DaVita labs

NOTE: The total number of lab results that require documentation will decrease by those acted upon.  If the documentation is completed in Falcon Silver, the lab result will not be presented again for documentation in OneView or OneView Mobile and vice versa.

Content on this site is for informational purposes only and does not represent actual patient data.

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