Please note that this functionality is only available to iOS users at this time. 

Medscape task cards on the Home feed offers access to Medscape’s Nephrology Calculator and their Nephrology News and Journal articles.  When you tap on any of the Medscape features, it will take you to that specific area.

Calculators & Reference Books contains a list of nephrology specific medical calculators and reference materials.  Tap the applicable option and then follow the prompts to receive the calculation,  Once the information has been obtained, tap “DISMISS” to return to the Home page.

Medscape News will display medical news articles and journals curated to provide nephrology specific content based on what might appeal to you based on previously read material.  If you have already read an article, then Medscape will no longer show the article.  This functionality is how all Medscape content works on their platform.

The Medscape Calculators & Reference Books features can also be accessed through the Main Menu under the Care Tools & Content section.

Content on this site is for informational purposes only and does not represent actual patient data.

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