Former Patients

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The Former Patients tab in the Patients menu provides a means to access patients that have been permanently discharged, expired, or are no longer in your care.  OneView considers these patients “former patients”.  This feature can be used to assist with patient care.

Before you can view the former patient list, you will be required to attest that you are viewing protected health information.  The attestation will only be required once per login.  After you have agreed to the attestation, a list of former patients that have at least one documented encounter in OneView in the last 180 days will display.  The former patient list is sorted in alphabetical order by last name, then the first name.  The patient’s age, date of birth, and phone number appear below their name. 

To access the former patient's medical records, click on the patient’s details. 

There are some restrictions for former patient’s medical records.  The provider can only view encounter notes and care category comments that were created on or before the last date the physician saw them.  Under the Clinical Summary tab of the patient’s chart, the Allergies and Patient History will be read-only but the Patient History can still be updated when a new note is created.  Providers will only be allowed to add new medication or modify existing prescriptions for 30 days.  After 30 days, the Add RX and Edit buttons will not be shown and the medication list will be read-only. 

If the patient has not been in your care for more than 90 days, new encounter notes cannot be created in OneView.  The “Note” button on the patient’s chart will be hidden.  New encounter notes can be created 90 days prior to today’s date but once the patient leaves your care, the maximum encounter creation date is 14 days after the last time an encounter note was documented for the patient

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