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The search field in the upper-right corner of the application allows a user to search for a patient by their first or last name.  For the patient to appear in the search results, you must be credentialed at the facility and designated as their primary nephrologist or have been granted covering rights by the patient’s primary nephrologist.  An NPP has access to their supervising nephrologists’ patients and to those patients that the supervising nephrologist is a covering physician for those facilities where the NPP is credentialed.

To search for a patient, type at least 2 letters to return any active patient records with a first or last name matching that criteria.  The results are sorted by the patients with the last name that matches your criteria and then by patients with a first name that matches your criteria.  The patient’s age, date of birth, and gender will be displayed.  If the user logged in is not the patient’s primary nephrologist, you will see their primary nephrologist’s name.  Clicking on the patient’s details will open the patient’s chart.

A recent patient list will appear whenever the patient search magnifying glass is clicked.  The dropdown list will contain up to ten of the most recently viewed patients.  Seven patients will display initially, but a scroll bar is available to view the complete list.  The list will not include patients selected from the Dialysis Schedule or when a search was initiated, but no patient was selected from the results.

Once an active patient is permanently discharged, expired, or no longer in the physician’s care, OneView considers the patient a “former” patient.  The search field returns all active patient records with a first or last name matching that criteria.  If the patient is not found on the results list, the “View Former Patient” option located to the bottom right of the search results is available as a shortcut to find the patient on the Former Patient tab under Patients.

After clicking on the “View Former Patients” option, you must attest that you are viewing protected health information.  The attestation will only be required once per login.  After you have agreed to the attestation, you will be redirected to the Former Patients tab where a list of former patients that have at least one documented encounter in OneView in the past 180 days will display.  Clicking on the patient’s details will open the patient’s chart.

Up to four patient charts can be open at the same time.  A tab per patient will display in the upper right corner of the application.  The tab for the currently open patient will display in a white background, while the other tabs will have a blue background.  

To toggle back and forth between the patient tabs, click on the appropriate patient’s name.  If you attempt to search for another patient while 4 charts are open, a message stating you have exceeded the maximum will appear.  To close a patient tab, click the Close icon ( ) next to the patient’s name.

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