Patient Chart

The Patient Chart will provide the ability to quickly retrieve detailed and comprehensive clinical data regarding a particular patient.

The patient information banner located at the top of the screen includes the dialysis facility where the patient’s last vitals were documented, shift, target weight, and patient phone number.  If a patient is being treated for Acute Kidney Injury, an "AKI" indicator will display in the banner.   Patients participating in an Integrated Kidney Care (IKC) program will have the “IKC” indicator.

When you hover your cursor over the IKC indicator icon, a tooltip will appear with the IKC Program name, IKC Care Team member names and role (Nurse Practitioner, IKC Nurse, Care Coordinator, IKC Assistant, Social Worker), email addresses, and patient’s nephrologist, if available.  If the role of the IKC Care Team member is not available, it will display "IKC Care Team Member" as the role along with the Care Team member's name.

For a patient that is known to be COVID-19 Positive, PUI Asymptomatic, or PUI Symptomatic, a corresponding status tag will be shown.  The COVID-19 status tags in the patient banner are color-coded; PUI Asymptomatic is yellow, PUI Symptomatic is orange, and COVID-19 Positive is red.  Click the status tags to show details on the most recent status event information.  The information may include: Status; Last Date in Facility; Facility Action; Receiving Dialysis in Facility; and Patient Treatment Going Forward.  If a COVID-19 vaccination record has been entered into Snappy, an orange “COVID-19 Vaccinated” status displays.  Hover your cursor over the status and a tooltip appears with the date(s) that the vaccine(s) were given.  The date(s) display the most recent to oldest date.  The COVID-19 vaccine status does not display for patients that have refused the vaccine.

The Patient Chart is organized into 3 tabs -ESRD/AKI Mgmt, Clinical Summary, and Profile.  ESRD/AKI Mgmt tab has comprehensive patient treatment and lab data.  The Clinical Summary tab contains the patient’s current treatment data, vaccine history, allergies, and current and inactive medications.  Profile tab contains the most recent patient details, the provider’s contact information, and the patient’s primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance data.

Within each of the Patient Chart tabs, the Note button is available to create an encounter.  The functionality for this feature is the same under all Patient Chart tabs.  Please note that this functionality is not available to all users at this time.  

The same basic functionality within the tabs is available for both CWOW and Snappy patients except for the following differences:

  • ESRD/AKI Mgmt – IDT Assessments, care activity, and patient notes are available for CWOW patients only
  • ESRD/AKI Mgmt - Psychosocial/TX Modality care category for CWOW patients only
  • Clinical Summary – Allergies can be added or modified by a provider for CWOW patients only
  • Clinical Summary – IDT Assessments available for CWOW patients
  • Clinical Summary - Medications, Treatment, Vaccine, and Allergies are read-only for Snappy patients.  To add, update, or remove data from these sections, the patient’s DaVita care team must be contacted.

Content on this site is for informational purposes only and does not represent actual patient data.

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