Amend Encounter Note

The Provider Notes section under the Clinical Summary tab of the patient's chart contain encounter notes created for the patient.  The notes list will include all finalized and in progress notes that were created in OneView, but only the finalized notes from Falcon Silver.  The list defaults to the past 60 days of active notes but can be changed by selecting the dropdown to chose the past 6 months, year, or 2+ years or by selecting the Show Inactive checkbox.

The note detail will include the note type, date of the encounter, the physician who created the note, and note status.  Hover over the note to reveal the actions you can take on that note.

Amend encounter note:

The pencil icon is available to amend the notes that are not older than 90 days from today's date.

Step 1: Select the appropriate note

Step 2: Click the Amend this Note icon

Step 3: Enter the appropriate details

NOTE: When the encounter note opens, all of the original findings will populate with a message that any section can be amended.  The “Labs not for ESRD” is the only section that can not be modified.

Step 4: Click Finalize

NOTE: To save changes without finalizing the amendment immediately, you can save and edit it later before finalizing it.  A note can be amended multiple times. 

The amended note will show as “Finalized & Amended” under the Provider Notes list.

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