Monthly Visit Summary

The Monthly Visit Summary report includes a list of all the patients for whom you are the associated primary nephrologist at the time of report generation, regardless of whether an encounter note has been documented. You will also see any patients for whom you are not the primary nephrologist but have performed an encounter note in the selected month.  Patients with zero documented encounter notes for the month will be prioritized at the top. The report can be used for billing purposes and will include encounter notes entered in OneView.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the visit records included in the report prior to utilizing the information.

There is a two-step process to generate a report.  First, you must create a report, and then you can download the report later. 

To generate the report (PROVIDERS):

STEP 1: Select Date

STEP 2: Select the format option

NOTE: If the “One row per patient” option is selected, the report will contain all of the patient’s encounter data on one row instead of listing each encounter row separately. 

STEP 3: Check to sort only by your visits

STEP 4: Click Create Report button

A message notifying you the report is being processed displays after you click the “Create Report” button.

Once the report is created, the option to “Download Report” (with the “last created” date and time) displays in the report area. The reports will be generated in an Excel format.

NOTE: The reports will be generated in an Excel format.  

The information displayed in the report is detailed below.

Column Description
Patient Name The name of the patient.
Patient ID The patient’s MPI number
Primary Nephrologist The patient’s assigned nephrologist in Snappy.
Patient DOB (MM/DD/YYYY) The patient’s date of birth.  The format is month, day, year.
Patient Age (yrs) The patient’s age at the time of the encounter.
Visit date The date of the encounter.
Provider The provider that created the encounter.
Role The role of the provider.  The options are: Primary nephrologist, Covering nephrologist, or NPP.
Dialysis facility The dialysis facility where the encounter occurred.
Note type The type of encounter.  The options are: Limited, Comprehensive, PD, AKI, or Home Training.
Telehealth The encounter was completed via telehealth.  “Yes” will appear for any encounters completed via telehealth, meaning the “Yes” pill was selected in the encounter.  If the Telehealth option was not selected in the encounter, the column will be blank.
Total visits for Patient Total number of visits for the patient for the month.  Home Training encounters will not be included in this total.

NOTE: Non Visit notes do not appear on the Dialysis Schedule or the Monthly Visit Summary report. However, unfinalized Non Billable notes show in the In Progress Notes.

Non-provider practice users that join the practice can create and download the Monthly Visit Summary, All Patient Insurance, and Patient Population List reports.  The non-provider practice users must select the “Physicians” criteria for the report.  One or more physicians can be selected for the report.

NOTE: Only physicians who have confirmed their practice association in Settings >Practice are listed in the dropdown.  Physicians that have not completed this process, will not appear as a selection under the “Physicians” dropdown.  Please refer to the “Physician Practice Association” article for full details.

Non-provider practice users can sort the Monthly Visit Summary report by the clinic.  If the “Sort by Clinic” checkbox option is selected, the report will contain additional worksheets. 

NOTE: This option is not available for providers.

If non-provider practice users selected the “Sort by Clinic” option, the report will contain additional worksheets.  The worksheets are per facility with the name of the worksheet equaling the Facility ID.  The worksheets only include information on patients with finalized encounters.  There is an additional worksheet labeled, “Patients with No Encounters” which includes information on all patients seen during the month who do not have an encounter note started, or an encounter note started but not finalized for that month.  

Content on this site is for informational purposes only and does not represent actual patient data.

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