View, Print, or Download Encounter Note PDF

The Notes section under the Clinical Summary tab of the patient's chart contain OneView and Falcon Silver notes created for the patient.  The notes list will include all finalized and in progress notes that were created in OneView, but only the finalized notes from Falcon Silver. 

NOTE: Only finalized Falcon Silver notes are visible within OneView.  These notes can be viewed by using the view PDF icon and cannot be modified or deactivated from OneView.

To view, print, or download an encounter note:

NOTE: Any user with the proper authorization can view, print, or download the note.  Printing and downloading patient information should be limited to the minimum necessary for your job function.  Promptly delete medical records from your computer or place paper documents in secure shredding bin when they are no longer needed. 

Step 1: Select the appropriate note

Step 2: Click the View the PDF for this Note icon

NOTE: If a note was created in Falcon Silver, the only action that will be available is to view the PDF.  It cannot be modified or deactivated from OneView.

The PDF will appear in a separate tab and can be viewed, printed, or download.

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