Mobile Patient Admission Requests (Medical Directors Only)

Patient Admission Requests allow Medical Directors to review and complete the patient admission process electronically. 

Medical Directors can access Patient Admission Requests through the task card on the Home feed.  Patient admission requests will only be available when a Clinic Review Request is sent to OneView via the Patient Placement System (PPS). 

The Patient Admission Requests are also accessible through the Menu.  Push notifications will be sent for requests that have been flagged as needing priority review if notification settings are enabled through your phone settings.  An orange flag signifies that the request has been marked as needing priority review.

To review and complete patient admission requests:

Step 1:Tap the Patient Admission Requests task card from the Home page

Step 2:Tap the applicable patient to open and review the patient admission records

NOTE: The “STATUS TRACKER” area will display a green checkmark next to each completed item.  Under the “ASSOCIATED MEDICAL RECORDS” section, FAST 4 records are first on the list.  The “REFERRAL INFORMATION” area has the facility's telephone number.  Tapping the blue telephone number will prompt you to dial the phone number listed.

Step 3:Tap the appropriate clinical decision button (DENY/ ACCEPT)

NOTE: A reason will be required if the request is denied.

After the request has been acted upon, your response will be sent to the Patient Placement System (PPS).  The request will be removed from the queue in OneView Mobile.  

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