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Providers can create, edit, or amend an encounter note in mobile.  The “Note” option is located in the top right corner of the patient chart.  The only note type currently available is “Non Billable Note” which allows the provider to document a patient interaction that doesn’t result in a billable activity.

After selecting the “ Note” option, click on “Non Billable Note.

Once the Non Billable Note is created, the provider will select the date of the activity.  The default is today’s date.  The date can be modified, but no dates before 90 days from today or future dates are available for selection.  The note contains only a Note Comments section.  The provider can choose to add the comments to the patient chart.  If no care category is selected, the comments will not appear in the ESRD/AKI Mgmt tab.

Non Billable notes appear in the Provider Notes section of the Clinical Summary tab on OneView web application.  Non Billable notes do not appear on the Dialysis Schedule or the Monthly Visit Summary report.  However, unfinalized Non Billable notes show in the In Progress Notes.

Non Billable Notes can be edited or amended on Mobile.  In the Clinical Summary section of the patient’s chart under Notes, a list of encounter notes for the past 90 days appear.  Slide the Non Billable Note to the left to reveal the Edit or Amend option. 

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