Mobile Invoice & Attestations

Invoice & Attestations allows medical directors to approve invoices for services rendered at a DaVita dialysis facility and attest to completing a number of oversight responsibilities for the dialysis program.

The list of invoices and attestations will be organized into 3 queues: Incomplete, Submitted and Cancelled.  The Incomplete queue consists of invoices/attestations the medical director needs to take action.  The Submitted queue consists of invoices/attestations the medical director has completed within the past 12 months, and the Cancelled queue consists of invoices/attestations that have been voided by DaVita’s accounting team.

In order for an invoice to be moved to the Submitted queue, the medical director must complete all the questions in the attestation form (which are dependent upon modality) and approve the invoice if they agree with the invoice amount.  Both steps are required to complete the invoice and attestation process.

If you are on an iOS device, you will have the ability to swipe left to view the available actions.

To approve an invoice:

Step 1: Tap the applicable invoice

Step 2: Review the information, then slide to the left and tap Approve

To dispute an invoice:

Step 1: Slide to the left and click Dispute

Step 2: Enter a reason for the dispute in the comment box

Step 3: Tap Send

The invoice will display as “In Review” on the main screen, and the disputed invoice will be sent to the accounting team for review.  To view the details and comments, tap the invoice.

To complete an attestation:

Step 1: Tap Attestation questions after the invoice has been accepted or disputed

Step 2: Selecting No or Yes to answer each question

NOTE: If comments are applicable, click “ADD COMMENTS” and enter your comments.

Step 3: Tap Submit

NOTE: Questions answered, “Yes” show a blue circle with a checkmark, and “No” answers have a gray circle with an “X”.  The comment bubble displays next to the answer indicator if comments are entered for that question.

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