Communications Hub

The Comms Hub may contain alerts, content items, or blue call to action cards.  The communication cards provide consolidated content for physician communications.  Access and the individual communications received are based on the user’s role, Palmer/Division, or specific NPI.  The cards list by date in descending order.  

Unread messages will have an orange band at the top of the card.  All items have a category tag, title/ subject, summary, and expiration date in which the card will automatically be removed from the list.  The communication cards expire on the expiration date set on the communication which can be a max of up to six months unless bookmarked.

Each communication card has a bookmark icon near the bottom right, which allows you to save and quickly view items you deem important.  Once an item is bookmarked, the bookmarked item will be visible with the bookmarked icon and will auto expire after seven years.  To remove the bookmark, click the bookmark icon again.

To read a communication card, tap to expand it and read the full message.  You will have the option to respond or mark whether or not the message was helpful, as well as view attachments, if applicable.  Linked files will be available for download by tapping the name of the file or the download icon.

The category tag icons are located above the communication cards.  The icon will be green if selected. 

Click on the icon to filter by the selections below.

Category Tag Description
Clinical Clinical Quality and Excellence
Gov’t Government Affairs
Home Home Modality
Other Other
Patients Patient Engagement
Policies Policy and Procedure

RESET will return the view to all content.

To search for text in the title/subject, type at least 3 alpha characters.  If numbers or special characters are entered in the Search area, the following error message displays, "You may only enter A-Z in the search string".  The search is for a single word only and if more than one word is entered, the error message "You may only enter one word for your search." displays.  Search results display in default sort order.  Search results will not return expired content.  Clearing the search criteria will reload all the content.

To only show unread or bookmarked content, click the box next to the appropriate selection.

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