Location Services

The Dialysis Schedule in OneView has the ability to recognize your location by using geolocation technology.  When this feature is enabled, OneView will automatically select the dialysis center for you based on your physical location, if you happen to be in a dialysis center.  As a reminder, the Dialysis Facility can always be changed manually even if Location Services are enabled.

To enable this feature, navigate to the Patients menu and select Allow when prompted.

If you are not prompted about enabling location services or wish to disable this functionality, follow the steps below for the applicable browser to manage location services for oneviewdps.davita.com. 


Step 1: In Chrome, go to Settings

Step 2:Scroll down and click Advanced

NOTE: You may also search for “location” to find the correct section.

Step 3: Click Site Settings

Step 4: Click Location

Step 5: Under Block, click the OneView URL

Step 6: Under Location, select Allow from the dropdown


Step 1: In Safari, go to Preferences

Step 2: Click Websites and select Location

Step 3: Locate oneviewdps.davita.com and select Allow from the dropdown


Step 1: In Firefox, go to oneviewdps.davita.com

Step 2: Click the information icon to the left of the URL

Step 3: Click Clear Cookies and Site Data

Step 4: Select oneviewdps.davita.com and click Remove

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