Face ID Setup

This section will display the steps to enable Face ID on your mobile device.  To use Face ID in OneView Mobile, you must first have Face ID setup on your Apple device.  After Face ID is configured, it can be used to login to OneView Mobile, as well as sign orders within the application.

NOTE: The steps for enabling Touch and Face ID for OneView Mobile may vary based on the device and iOS version installed.  

Step 1: Tap Settings on your mobile device

Step 2: Tap Face ID & Passcode

Step 3: Enter your passcode when prompted

Step 4: Tap Set Up Face ID

Step 5: Complete the steps to set up your Face ID

Step 6: Tap Done when you receive the message that Face ID is complete

Step 7: Login to OneView Mobile

Step 8: Tap Menu located in the bottom right of the screen

Step 9: Tap Settings

Step 10: Tap the switch for Login to enable logging in with Face ID

Step 11: Enter your password when prompted

Step 12: Tap the switch for Sign Orders to enable order signing with Touch ID

NOTE: This functionality can be disabled at any time.

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