Add Non-Provider Practice User

Non-Provider Practice Users

A physician and staff member with Practice Super User access can give non-provider practice users limited read-only access to OneView.  The ability to assign limited read-only access to non-provider practice users is available after the provider has completed the practice association process. 

The non-provider practice user’s first name, last name, and email address are required.  The email address will be the non-provider practice user’s username.  Physicians should only enter the email address associated with their practice.  Do not enter the non-provider practice user’s personal email address. 

The non-provider practice user will receive a registration email from to join OneView after the user information is submitted.  The registration expires after 7 days from the date of the email.  A blue Pending banner with the number of days until the account expires will display above the user’s information.  If the registration expires, the user is removed from the practice and will have to be re-added by the physician or practice super user.

If the registration process is completed, an additional email is sent to the non-provider practice user and will contain the OneView link, Username (their email address), and a temporary password.  The temporary password is valid for 24 hours.  During the initial login, the user will enter the username and temporary password received in the email.  The user is prompted to change their password upon login.  

The user can click “ Trouble Signing On?” from the Login screen if the temporary password has expired or they need account recovery.

To add a non-provider practice user:

STEP 1: Select Settings > Practice from the left navigation menu

STEP 3: Complete the required fields

NOTE: Physicians should only enter the email address associated with their practice.  Do not enter the non-provider practice user’s personal email address.

Grant Permissions to Non-Provider Practice Users

Physicians can grant permissions to the non-provider practice user that allow them to perform specific functions within OneView.  One of those features is to permit non-provider practice users to download finalized or finalized and amended encounter PDFs

To grant permissions:

STEP 1: Select Settings > Practice from the left navigation menu

STEP 2: Click the Access Setting tab

STEP 3: Select the non-provider practice users for "Clinical" or "Practice Super User" access

NOTE: "Billing" access is granted by default and gives the non-provider practice user the Monthly Visit Summary and Insurance Report.  "Practice Super User" can assign and remove covering rights, edit the practice address, terminate non-provider practice users, and access all available modules.  Non-Clinical job functions will be available in a future release.

NOTE: The physician’s name who granted access and the access given date will appear next to the checkbox.

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