Non-Provider Practice User Role Types

Non-Provider Practice User Role Types

Physicians can grant permissions to the non-provider practice user that allow them to perform specific functions within OneView.  The access is limited and read-only.  The physician designates the particular role(s) for the non-provider practice user under Settings > Practice >Access Settings.  Below are the functions available for each role type:

Billing (Granted by default)

1.)        Create and download the Monthly Visit Summary Report

2.)        Create and download the Patient Insurance Report

3.)        Create and download the Visit Status Report


The Clinical role has access to all of the Billing role functions and the additional functions listed below:

1.)        View Patient List

2.)        View Patient Charts

3.)        Download Encounter PDF

4.)        View the Patient Summary PDF for patients in a DaVita CWOW facility

Practice Super User

The Practice Super User has access to all the Billing and Clinical functions and the additional functions listed below:

1.)        Edit the practice demographics

2.)        Add office locations

3.)        Assign and remove covering rights on behalf of their providers

4.)        Terminate non-providers practice users who no longer need access to OneView

NOTE: If you need additional details about a specific function, click the appropriate topic above to be redirected to that online help article.

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