Non-Provider Practice User Registration

The non-provider practice user must complete the registration process for limited read-only access to OneView.  After the physician from the practice has added the non-provider practice user, an email invitation is sent to them to join the practice in OneView.  Upon completing the non-provider practice user registration process, an email with instructions on how to access OneView is sent.

To complete the non-provider user registration:

STEP 1: Click the Click here link in the invitation email send from

STEP 2: Complete the User Details required fields

NOTE: The email address is your User ID and cannot be edited.

STEP 3: Click the Next button

STEP 4: Accept or Reject the practice demographics and complete the required fields

NOTE: Selecting reject terminates the registration process. 

STEP 5: Click the Next button

STEP 6:  Accept or Decline the Terms of Service

NOTE: Selecting decline terminates the registration process. 

If the registration process is complete, an email is sent and will contain the OneView link, User ID, and the temporary password.  The user will be prompted to change their password upon login.

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