IDT Assessments (CWOW only)

The CWOW patient’s MATCH D Modality Assessment, Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) Assessment(s), and Plan(s) of Care (APOC) are now available in the ESRD/AKI Mgmt and Clinical Summary tab of the patient’s chart. 

In the ESRD/AKI Mgmt tab, IDT APOC documents finalized in the past 90 days are available in the Patient Status and Fluid/BP care category sections.  Unviewed IDT content will have an “Unread” indicator.  Once the content is viewed, the “Unread” indicator will be removed.

Click the document icon above the assessment, and a separate tab will open the PDF.

The PDF will appear in a separate tab and can be viewed, printed, or downloaded.

The “View IDT Content” toggle filter defaults to show the IDT content.  Hide the content by clicking the toggle off.  The filter will remember the last setting.  Therefore, if the toggle is turned off, it will maintain that setting until turned back on.  

“To Review Care Team Notes, use the 'View IDT Content' toggle in the Navigation Bar” appears at the bottom of each care category to remind the user that documentation is hidden. 

Content on this site is for informational purposes only and does not represent actual patient data.

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