Mobile Patient Chart Navigation

Once the patient is selected from the patient search results, the patient chart will open.  The patient information banner located at the top of the screen includes the patient’s name, age, DOB, gender, and dialysis facility where the patient’s last vitals were documented.  

For a patient that is known to be COVID-19 Positive, PUI Asymptomatic, or PUI Symptomatic, a corresponding status tag will be shown.  The COVID-19 status tags in the patient banner are color-coded; PUI Asymptomatic is yellow, PUI Symptomatic is orange, and COVID-19 Positive is red. 

If a COVID-19 vaccination record has been entered into Snappy, an orange “COVID-19 Vaccinated” status displays.  Tap the status and the date(s) that the vaccine(s) were given will appear.  The date(s) display the most recent to oldest date.  The COVID-19 vaccine status does not display for patients that have refused the vaccine.

The patient chart will utilize a “drawer” style of navigation common in mobile devices that allows you to view additional data by swiping the drawers up and down (open/close).

Tap the specific patient chart drawer to open.  The drawer selected will be highlighted green when chosen.  

Each drawer has a green drawer navigation bar that can be used to open or close the drawer.  Tap or slide the navigation bar downward to open the details.

To close the drawer, tap or slide the green navigation bar upward.  This will take you back to the patient chart drawer details. 

Select “Back” to go to the patient search screen.

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