Mobile Patient Chart

Once the patient is selected from the patient search results, the patient chart will open.  The Patient Chart will provide the ability to quickly retrieve detailed and comprehensive clinical data regarding a particular patient.

The patient information banner is located at the top of the screen and includes the patient’s name, age, DOB, gender, and dialysis facility.

The Patient Chart is organized into 3 sections: Profile, Clinical Summary, and ESRD/AKI Mgmt.  All data displayed is read-only.  To add, update, or remove any of the data under any area of the patient’s chart, the patient’s DaVita care team must be contacted.  

Tap the specific patient chart drawer to open.  The drawer selected will be highlighted green when chosen. Once opened, each drawer has a green drawer navigation bar.  Tap or slide the bar to go back to the patient chart drawer details.  Select “Back” to go to the patient search screen.

Content on this site is for informational purposes only and does not represent actual patient data.

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