Current Patients

The Current Patients tab provides a means to access patient charts through browsing versus individually searching for patients.  The patient list consists of patients for whom you are designated as their primary nephrologist or for whom you have been granted covering rights by the patient’s primary nephrologist.  An NPP has access to their supervising nephrologists’ patients for those facilities where the NPP is credentialed.

Data for the patient includes last name, first name, age, DOB, gender, phone number, facility name, in-center hemodialysis schedule for an ICHD patient, the modality for peritoneal dialysis or home hemodialysis patients, and the patient’s primary nephrologist name if you are not the primary nephrologist.  The list is sorted alphabetically by the patient’s last name.  A last name alphabetized navigation shortcut is available at the top of the screen.  Clicking on a letter will take you to the appropriate section.  The active letter will be highlighted in green.  When scrolling through the list of letters, the active letter will be updated.

Care team members enter the DaVita patient's COVID status into the Risk Event Management system (REM).  If the patient meets the COVID-19 criteria, then the COVID-19 status will show one of the 3 status tags; PUI Asymptomatic, PUI Symptomatic, or COVID-19 Positive.  The COVID-19 status tags in the patient banner are color-coded; PUI Asymptomatic is yellow, PUI Symptomatic is orange, and COVID-19 Positive is red.  Click the status tags to show details on the most recent status event information.  The information may include: Status; Last Date in Facility; Facility Action; Receiving Dialysis in Facility; and Patient Treatment Going Forward.  The status information is pulled from REM every hour.

The IKC (Integrated Kidney Care) badge appears patient banner for patients participating in an IKC program.  The IKC badge will display in the Dialysis Schedule and the Current Patients list.

Click on the patient to view the specific IKC Program details which are found in the patient’s chart under the Profile tab or by hovering over the IKC badge in the patient header.

The information can be filtered by the selections below.

Filter Description
All Current Patients All current patients for whom the provider has access as either the primary nephrologist or covering physician.  The default is All Current Patients.  The options are: All Current Patients, My Patients, and Covering Patients.
All Facilities The facility where the patients are receiving treatment.  The default is All Facilities.  The options are the facilities where the provider is credentialed.
All Modalities The patients’ modalities.  The default is All Modalities.  The options are: All Modalities, ICHD, PD, and HHD.
COVID-19 Status COVID-19 status of the patient.  The default is NO COVID-19 Filters which will show all patients matching the other filters.  The options are: No COVID-19 Filters, All COVID-19 Status, COVID-19 Positive, COVID-19 PUI Symptomatic, and COVID-19 PUI Asymptomatic.
IKC Status Patients participating in an Integrated Kidney Care (IKC) Program.  The default is NO IKC Status which will show all patients matching the other filters.  The options are: View All and each of the participating IKC programs.

To open a patient’s chart, click on the appropriate patient.  

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