CWOW and Snappy Differences in OneView

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CWOW and Snappy Differences in OneView


OneView is an intuitive tool DaVita credentialed providers use to manage the care and documentation of ESKD and AKI patients in the DaVita dialysis facilities.  OneView can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or iPad using a web browser or a mobile device by downloading the app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).  Please note that only Comprehensive and Non Visit encounter notes are available at this time for mobile.

Center Without Walls (CWOW) is a new DaVita clinical IT platform used by the facility care team that replaces and combines Snappy, Chairside Snappy, and Falcon Dialysis. All DaVita facilities were converted and live on CWOW as of June 25, 2023.

Reference Table

OneView has the same basic functionality for both CWOW and Snappy patients, but there are some workflow and/or data differences.  Outlined below in this quick reference guide are the workflow and/or data differences in OneView for CWOW versus Snappy facilities.  (More details about the current differences follow the table)

OneView Features CWOW Snappy
NPP Order Review and Signing Yes No
Dispute Renewal Orders No Yes
Patient Summary Report PDF Yes No
Missed Treatments/Hospitalizations Yes Yes
SHAPE Graphs No Yes
IDT Assessments Yes No
Care Activity and Patient Notes Yes No
Psychosocial/TX Modality Care Category Yes No
Access Table Grid and Historical Comments No Yes
Problem List Yes No
Allergies Yes Yes,read-only
Vaccine Data Yes, read-only Yes, read-only

OneView Differences


Differences for CWOW and Snappy patients within the Orders queue include:

    • In OneView for Snappy facilities, non-physician practitioners (NPPs) were not able to sign their Snappy orders.  These orders went to their collaborating physician for review/sign/dispute.  Please realize that in CWOW, NPPs must review/sign/dispute their own CWOW orders which is a new workflow for them.
    • Currently, OneView is not able to process Disputes on Renewal Orders in CWOW clinics. Please see a DaVita care team member to make any changes or to discontinue this order.

Dialysis Schedule

Differences for CWOW and Snappy patients within the Dialysis Schedule include:

    • The patient doesn’t appear on the Dialysis Schedule list when an update is made to the patient’s modality in Reggie or CWOW.
      • Workaround – The patient modality change must be updated in Snappy for the patient to appear in the Dialysis Schedule.


Differences for CWOW and Snappy patients within the ESRD/AKI Mgmt tab of the patient's chart include:

    •  Patient Summary Report PDF is available for CWOW patients only.  Click PATIENT SUMMARY button to generate the report.

    • Only CWOW patients treated outside of a DaVita facility will have the TxEw (Treating Elsewhere) badge appear in the date row of the Fluid/BP, as well as Anemia, Nutrition, and MBD care categories under the “Meds” tab.  In addition, the missed treatments and hospitalizations badges appear for Snappy and CWOW patients. 
      • Workaround – From another care category in the patient’s chart, open the prior encounter PDF (prior to converting to CWOW).  The encounter PDF will contain the historical Access comments.  Copy the appropriate comment and then paste it into the new encounter note.

    • 1.  Mircera
    • 2.  Epoetin Alpha-epbx
    • 3.  Iron Sucrose
    • 4.  Calcitriol
    • 5.  Cinacalcet
    • 6.  Sensipar
    • 7.  Zone Bar 
      • Workaround – Review these medications from the Clinical Summary section of the patient’s chart or click the MEDICATIONS button on the ESRD/AKI Mgmt section.

    • For CWOW patients, if lab results are pending when a provider is documenting an encounter, the note will display a N/A as the result value even if a previous lab value is known.  Snappy patients show the last lab values in this case.
    • The grid table for the Access care category is for Snappy patients only.  
    • The patient’s historical Access comments in Snappy do not pull forward when converting to CWOW.  Therefore, the patient’s historical access comments are not viewable in the card carousel. 
    • SHAPE Trends (SHAPE 10) graphs under the Anemia care category are available for Snappy patients only.
    • The CWOW patient's MATCH D Modality Assessment, Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) Assessment(s), and Plan(s) of Care (APOC) are available in the ESRD/AKI Mgmt and Clinical Summary tab of the patient's chart.  
    • Completed care activity and patient notes created by the care team within the last six months are available in the ESRD/AKI Mgmt tab of the CWOW patient’s chart.  
    • CWOW patients will have a care category named Psychosocial/TX Modality that contains social worker documentation.
    • Completed care activity and patient notes created by the care team within the last six months are available in the ESRD/AKI Mgmt tab of the CWOW patient’s chart.  
    • Heparin is available in the treatment order for Snappy patients only. 
      • Workaround – View the medication list for prescribed Heparin.

    Clinical Summary Tab

    Differences for CWOW and Snappy patients within the Clinical Summary tab of the patient’s chart include:

    • The vaccination data for Snappy and CWOW patients is view-only.  Snappy patients only have the vaccine name, date given, and data source.  CWOW patient data contains vaccination name and type, date given, place of administration, lot number, expiration date, site, administered by, data source, and refusal reason, if applicable.     
      •  Workaround – To add, update, or remove any of the vaccine data, contact the patient’s DaVita care team.
    • The Problems List is available in the CWOW patient’s chart.  Providers and DaVita care team members will create and maintain a patient’s problems list.  Unfortunately, this functionality will not be available for Snappy patients.


OneView Training and Support

    •  Help Center:  OneView has a Help Center icon located in the top right corner.  When clicked, it will display multiple learning and support options, short tutorials, FAQs, and updates in OneView.
    •  Pop-Up Help (“Guides”):  When an area is clicked for the first time in OneView, there may be a brief text description of how to navigate that area.  Take time to read these.
    •  Physician Support Line:  1-844-DVA-PHYS

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