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Providers that have contacted Support to activate eprescribing, can create e-prescriptions to send to an outside pharmacy for non-treatment medications by selecting the View Medications button.  For full details, please see ePrescribe section of the manual.

To add a prescription:

Step 1: Click the MEDICATIONS button

Step 3: Enter the medication name into the Search field

NOTE: The patient’s allergies will display at the top.  Patient Has NKA will display for patients that have no known allergies.  There is not an automated interaction check with allergies and medications when prescribing. 

Step 4: Select the appropriate medication from the list

Step 5: Select the appropriate strength to prescribe

NOTE: Some medications may not have options for multiple strengths.  If there are not multiples strengths available for the selected medication, it will go directly to the prescriptions screen with the medication you selected. 

Step 6: Document the details of the prescription

NOTE: Fields with an asterisk are required.  The Pharmacy field will default to the most recently used pharmacy by that patient but can be modified by clicking in the field for pharmacy management options.  The search icon can also be used to find a different pharmacy.

Step 7: Click SAVE

NOTE: SAVE & NEW will save the current prescription and then open the Add RX screen to allow you to complete another prescription.

To view the medication details, click the > (arrow) next to the medication name. 

The information may include: the medication name, dose, unit, route, frequency, start date, stop date, entered by, provider, pharmacy, quantity, refills, substitution permitted, administered at and justification, if entered in CWOW.

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