ePrescribe provides the ability to create and send e-prescriptions to an outside pharmacy for non-treatment medications that are not dispensed and/or administered in the facility for Snappy and CWOW patients.  The prescriber must be a credentialed provider which means the DaVita credentialing department has given the provider privileges to provide care in a DaVita dialysis facility.  Providers that are credentialed with DaVita will be set up as prescribers in Rcopia (Dr. First).  There is no covering rights functionality in ePrescribe for providers at this time.  You will be responsible for creating, reviewing, signing, and sending your prescriptions.

The Rcopia application is used as the Surescripts certified application and is integrated with OneView for the purpose of ePrescribing and responding to renewal requests from pharmacies.  OneView has no direct interaction with pharmacies regarding prescriptions/refills/renewals.  Prescriptions created in OneView will not be sent or appear in Snappy or CWOW.  Prescriptions created in OneView can only be viewed on the OneView medication list.


Supplies, compound medications, and medications that are controlled substances (Schedule II through V) on the federal or any state level will not be allowed to be prescribed within OneView.  Controlled substances, supplies, and compound medications will be blocked and cannot be prescribed.  If a supply or compound medication is selected, a message will appear stating, “This medication/supply cannot be e-prescribed at this time in OneView.  Please go back and select another medication.” Controlled substances cannot be searched at all in the medication search.


The ePrescribe process has two steps.  The provider must first create the prescription, then the prescription has to be reviewed, signed, and an action selected for the prescription to be complete.  Signing is automatically done when you select "Send" as the action for the new prescription.  No actual separate signature process is required.  Prescriptions MUST be entered and initiated in OneView.  There is no functionality to enter a prescription in the integrated application, Rcopia.

Creating an electronic prescription is accessible in two locations.  The functionality of this feature is the same in both areas.  The +ADD RX link is available under the MEDICATIONS button on the ESRD/AKI Mgmt tab and within the Medications section in Clinical Summary

Prescription Statuses

Medications that are prescribed in OneView will display on the patient medication list in OneView with an Rx next to the medication name.  Unsigned prescriptions are indicated with an orange Pending medication status and are listed at the top of the Active medication list.  The medication status may take up to five minutes to update.  The pending prescriptions will be listed from newest to oldest.  The All medications list will be listed in alphabetical order and show up to one year of data of active and inactive medications from Snappy, as well as, those prescribed in OneView. 

Medications that were entered into Snappy or CWOW by a DaVita care team member is denoted with the order type next to the medication.  To add, update, or remove an allergy or non-prescription medication, the patient’s DaVita care team must be contacted.   

Finalizing Prescriptions

After the prescription is created, it must be reviewed, signed, and action must be selected to transmit to the pharmacy.  The unsigned prescription for a specific patient can be found under the Clinical Summary tab located above the Medication section or Menu > Tasks> eRX Pending to view all patients with an outstanding prescription.

NOTE: Prescriptions that have not yet been sent to the pharmacy can ONLY be edited and removed in the Rcopia screen. 

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