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eRX Pending allows the provider to manage unsigned pending prescriptions for all patients. After the prescription is created, it must be reviewed, signed, and sent to the pharmacy.  When the prescriptions are signed and sent, Rcopia makes three attempts to send the prescription to the pharmacy electronically.  After the third failed attempt, Rcopia faxes the prescription to the pharmacy. If that fax fails for some reason, the prescription would be considered undeliverable.  Undelivered prescriptions would be indicated on the Medication list in OneView, the Notification icon in Rcopia, and the Prescription Report > Undeliverable filter in Rcopia. These prescriptions would need to be handled manually. This should be a very rare occurrence.

Outstanding prescriptions for all of the provider's patients can be addressed in the eRX Pending section.  Up to 20 prescriptions at a time can be selected for processing.  The pending prescriptions will display with the most recent listed first. 

A toolbar is located at the top right of the screen.  A count will be next to the icon if any outstanding prescriptions are pending signature and sending.  The eRX Pending icon can be clicked to view the pending prescriptions. At this time it is not possible to send a prescription without signing it, so none would ever show in this category.

The toolbar contains Rcopia settings.  These have been predefined by OneView and should not be modified.  Please contact OneView Physician Support to discuss the ramifications of these changes before changing any of the settings.

The Rcopia Prescription Report will display the unsigned prescriptions.  The information can be filtered by the selections below.

Filter Description
Provider Provider who originated the prescription in OneView.  At this time only OneView prescribers can enter prescriptions AND can only see their own in the Rcopia list.
Patient Blank for all patient or enter a patient
Drug Type All drugs is the default.  Options are:  Scheduled Only and Non-Scheduled Only. OneView prescribers cannot enter scheduled medications so this view would show nothing.
Status Pending is the default.  Options are: Completed, Undeliverable, and Canceled

The pending prescriptions list is sorted alphabetically by the patient’s last name.  Data for the patient includes last name, first name, DOB, gender, address, and phone number. The prescription information includes status, drug, directions, quantity, refills, notes, Doctor, last modified, and serial number. Headers with an arrow can be used to re-sort the order of the data.

Click on any of the prescriptions to view more details about the prescription.

When processing the prescription orders, the possible actions displayed are detailed below:

Action Description
Send Transmits the prescription to the pharmacy electronically.  The prescription is signed and sent to the pharmacy.  This is the preferred method for best practice because it ensures accuracy, delivery, and safety.  If prescription fails to send electronically after several tries, it is faxed.
Send & Print Transmits the prescription to the pharmacy electronically and prints out a copy of the prescription for your records.  The prescription is signed and sent to the pharmacy and allows for you to print the prescription but the printed copy is just a copy and cannot be used to submit to a pharmacy. You must be connected to a printer to print.
Print don’t Send Prints the prescription without sending it to the pharmacy. This option may be used if the patient is unsure about which pharmacy he or she would like to use. A wet signature on the printed copy will be required. You must be connected to a printer to print.
Sign don’t Send

Signs the prescription and saves it to the patient’s active medication list but does not send it to the pharmacy. This is NOT a recommend action if the patient needs the medications. This is useful if you gave the patient a sample.

To sign and send pending RX for multiple patients:

Step 1: Review and select the desired prescriptions by selecting the checkboxes

Step 2: Click Send

NOTE: By selecting Send, you are choosing to transmit the prescription to the pharmacy electronically.

Step 3: Review the selected prescriptions

Step 4: Click Submit

To edit a prescription in Rcopia:

Step 1: Select the desired prescription

Step 2: Click the Edit icon to the right of the prescription

Step 3: Enter the appropriate medication details

Step 4: Click Review

Step 3: Review the medication changes

Step 4: Click Send Pending RX

NOTE: These changes will be reflected in OneView with the next sync that occurs.  It takes up to fifteen minutes for the prescription changes to be reflected in OneView.

To delete a prescription in Rcopia:

Step 1: Select the desired prescription

Step 2: Click the Delete icon to the right of the prescription

Step 3: Click OK

NOTE: The prescription can be deleted from OneView.


When prescribing, the provider may receive alerts or information that may be pertinent in the prescribing process.  When these alerts are encountered, the provider needs to choose how to proceed

When the chosen drug prompts an alert, you may choose to Prescribe Anyway or Remove from Batch. If you choose to Prescribe Anyway, you can provide a justification for prescribing the medication despite the warning (optional). 

If the same medication is already listed in the active list, providers will encounter the Prescription/Medication Reconciliation screen.  This allows providers to decide what should happen to the already listed version of the medication as well as the newer medication that was just prescribed.  

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