Complete Prescription

To sign and send a pending prescription to the pharmacy for a single patient:

Step 1: Go to the Clinical Summary tab under the appropriate patient’s chart

Step 2: Click Pending RX Must be sent NEW SIGN & SEND

NOTE: Selecting this option will open the Prescription Report in Rcopia window allowing you to review, then sign and send the patient-specific pending prescription(s).

Step 3: Review and select the desired prescription(s) to process by checking or unchecking the checkboxes

Step 4: Click Send

Step 5: Review the selected prescriptions

Step 6: Click Submit

NOTE: For complete details about how to sign and send prescriptions for multiple patients, please see “eRX Pending” under the Task menu.

After the medication is signed and sent, the medication will be available on the OneView medication list with the “New Med” tag located on the right of the medication name.  The tag stays on the medication for 8 days.

The medication can also be viewed on the Prescription Report in Rcopia by changing the Status flag to “Completed” and selecting a Date Range.  Once the filters are selected, then click the “Search” button for the results.

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