Edit or Remove Prescription

The provider can edit or remove the prescription.  Prescriptions that have not been sent to the pharmacy yet can ONLY be edited in the Rcopia screen/interface.  The prescription can be removed completely in Rcopia only.  Prescriptions that failed to reach Rcopia can be deleted from OneView.  In this case, the user must re-enter the prescription if they wish to continue to prescribe the medication.

When editing a prescription in Rcopia, all details of the prescription can be changed except for the actual medication. The strength of the medication can be changed but not the medication itself.  To select a new medication, the user must delete this prescription and return to OneView to go through the Add Rx workflow again and create a new prescription.

To edit a prescription in Rcopia:

Step 1: Select the desired prescription

Step 2: Click the Edit icon to the right of the prescription

Step 3: Edit the appropriate medication details

Step 4: Click Review

Step 5: Review the prescription medication changes

Step 6: Click Save Pending RX

NOTE: After successfully saving the pending RX, you will be returned to the Prescription report in Rcopia where you can initiate the send to the pharmacy process.  These changes will be reflected in OneView with the next sync that occurs.  It takes up to fifteen minutes for the updated prescription medication changes to be reflected in OneView. 

To remove prescription medications in OneView:

Step 1: Go to the Clinical Summary tab under the appropriate patient’s chart

Step 2: Select the appropriate prescription medication from the list and hover the cursor over the medication

Step 3: Click the X to the left of the prescription medication

Step 4: Select the reason for removing the prescription medication 

Step 5: Enter comments, if needed

Step 6:Click REMOVE

NOTE: The remove medication action is permanent and cannot be undone.  Once the medication is removed from the “Active” medication list, it will be moved to the “All” medications list as an inactive prescription medication

To remove (delete) a prescription in Rcopia:

Step 1: Select the desired prescription

Step 2: Click the Delete icon to the right of the prescription

Step 3: Click OK

NOTE: The prescription cannot be deleted from OneView

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