A list of unsigned orders entered at the direction of the physician by the care team in a DaVita facility will be displayed in descending entry date order with the option to review.  The provider may sign the order to complete the approval process or dispute the order for the registered nurse to address.

The list of orders will be organized by the system through which the order was created – CWOW or Snappy.  The count displayed to the right of the queue name reflects the number of orders in that queue.  Only the queues for the systems used by the clinics in which you round will be displayed.  The order count at the top of the screen (in the blue header) will reflect the total number of orders from both queues, if applicable.

The queues for CWOW and Snappy orders share the same basic functionality except for the following differences:

  • Snappy Orders
    • The queue includes more types of orders than the CWOW Orders queue
    • The queue displays a Clinical Studies badge next to patients who are participating in a clinical study
    • The queue displays orders entered within the last 7 days and can be sorted by Order type
    • The queue allows the Patient, Facility, and Entered columns to be sorted by using the arrows next to the column name
  • CWOW Orders
    • The queue displays refuted orders
    • The orders are listed in ascending order (oldest to most recent)
    • At this time OneView is not able to process “Disputes” on renewal orders in CWOW clinics.  Please see a DaVita care team member to make any changes or to discontinue this order.  

The information displayed for orders in both queues is detailed below.

Column Description
Patient The name of the patient associated to the order.  The information will be displayed as last name, first name and will include the patient’s age and gender, if documented in their chart. 
Facility The facility where order was originated.
Status The current state of the order. The options will be: NEW (new order), DC (discontinued order), CHG (change made to order), RENEW (renewed order).
Entered The date the order was created.  
Order The details of the order.
Justification Qualifying information as to why this order is necessary.

An ellipses will be present if the full details are not displayed due to space limitations.  Hover the cursor over the field and a tool tip will display with the full details.

To view the full details of the order, tap the applicable order and the information will pop-out from the right.

To dispute or sign an order in the larger browser view, select the appropriate icon located to the right of the applicable order.  If using a tablet, swipe left and tap on the appropriate icon.

Large View

Small View

The Clinical Study badge will display to the right of the patient’s name if the patient is participating in one or more DCR clinical studies.  When you hover over the badge, the count of clinical studies will be displayed.  To view more details about the clinical studies, tap the applicable order and a details window will pop out from the right.  Tap Clinical Studies to view the details of the clinical studies associated with this patient.

NOTE: At the current time, the Clinical Studies indicator will only appear for Snappy Orders.  This functionality will be added to CWOW orders in a future release.

Content on this site is for informational purposes only and does not represent actual patient data.

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