Disputed Orders

A provider has the ability to dispute an order assigned to them if the order is incorrect in some way. The order will be sent back to the registered nurse to modify, discontinue, change the provider, or refute. 

The options available for dispute reasons will change based on the status of order that is being disputed.  The options for orders originating in CWOW are detailed below.

Order Status Dispute Reason Options
New Orders Not My Patient
Order Not Given By Me
Order Detail Incorrect
Changed Orders Not My Patient
Order Not Given By Me
Order Detail Incorrect
Discontinued Orders Not My Patient
Discontinued in Error
Order Not Given By Me
Renewed Orders Not My Patient

Orders originating in Snappy have the same six dispute reasons (Not My Patient, Duplicate, Discontinued in Error, Order Not Given by Me, Order Detail Incorrect and Other) available for all orders statuses.

To dispute an order:

Step 1: Tap the applicable order

Step 2: Review the details of the order and, if appropriate, tap Dispute

Alternate Option: Select the Dispute icon

Step 3: Select the applicable reason

NOTE: If you select “Order Detail Incorrect” or “Other” a comment the length of at least 5 characters will be required.

Step 4: Click Dispute

The order will be removed from the Orders list and be sent to the clinic where the order originated.

NOTE: If “Not My Patient” or “Order Not Given By Me” is selected as the reason for the dispute in the Snappy Order queue, it will automatically initiate a search for more unsigned orders for the patient.  If more unsigned orders are found, these orders can be disputed at one time by following the additional steps listed below:

Step 5 (Optional): Review the additional unsigned orders and make any appropriate changes, if needed

Step 6 (Optional): Click Dispute

NOTE: The count displayed to the right of Dispute reflects the number of orders that will be disputed at one time.

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